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3 bags full. week 1

Tuesday is my shopping day.

Typically, I head to the Farmers' Market, then Trader Joes and (maybe) a run past a supermarket.

Some weeks, I'll do it all at an ethnic market; Chinatown, a Mexican or Middle Eastern market.

Save on fuel. Save on time. And stop buying more than you need.




farmers' market list:

4-5 parsnips

2 bunches golden beets

1 bunch baby carrots

4-6 large baking potatoes

2 lb smaller red potatoes

arugula / watercress / salad greens

1 lb green beans


fresh dill

fresh Italian parsley





supermarket list:

2 beef shank chops, about 2 1/2 lb

good fresh sausages (2-3 per person)

1 lb bag fresh cranberries

canned tomatoes 750g (27 ounces)

strained tomatoes / passata (2 x 750g / 27 ounces)

pasta shells

sour cream

1 can anchovy fillets in oil

salted pistachio nuts

cheese: 1 log (4-6 oz) goat cheese, brie, pepper jack, cheddar, blue cheese


hamburger buns

pantry / fridge items:

canned chickpeas / garbanzo beans

parmesan cheese




brown sugar

cider vinegar

dried spices (including ginger, cloves, cinnamon, chili flakes, cumin, cayenne, garlic salt, coriander, turmeric, fennel seeds, pepper, salt)*

semolina or flour

wholewheat flour

baking powder

confectioners sugar

dijon mustard

olive oil

*(most of these are used in the Wombat salad and you may substitute store bought curry powder rather than buy all these spices. The flavour will be similar)