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3 bags full. Saturday

 Toss that chicken carcass into a pot to make stock; make a ragu with some pantry tomatoes; something slow and easy.

Use up the last of the veggies in the crisper in a delicious salad.

Or just sit back and enjoy a bowl of soup and grilled cheese sandwich in front of the telly!

  click here for The Wombat Salad recipe


Saturday; get over it

Feeling the need for being easy and green, I made The Wombat.

The Australian male has a reputation for imitating this reclusive marsupial because he eats roots and leaves.

Taking a look around the fridge, I found the rest of the parsnips, some baby carrots from last week and a couple of bunches of golden, baby beets.

There was a bag of arugula and fresh, peppery watercress too.
A can of chickpeas from the pantry, some shelled pistachios...

...And a tangy vinaigrette made from lemon, garlic, anchovy and dill.

The veggies were sliced, parboiled and dusted in spice and semolina. Roasted till sizzling and then tossed with some goat cheese into the salad bowl.

Serve it all with some grilled naan bread or a loaf of oven-hot wholemeal bread.