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 the 1st annual 'lovebite lasagnarama'!

My cousin Wally wandered into town, a little worse from being mugged down in Sth America.

He was about 20 pounds lighter than when he left home and, after we got him sorted with a new passport, I asked him what he might like to eat.

'Aw, I dunno. Just no rice and beans'

He was being a little shy. I prompted:

'Well, what are you looking forward to eating as soon as you get home'

That did the trick. The reply was whiplash quick;


So that did it.

3 lasagnas
12 good friends
1 hungry cousin
& a balmy Friday night

a tradition was born!



the three lasagnas:

Gina Lollobrigida; the Aussie Bloke's Lasagna

Delores Del'asagna, the South of the Border Lasagna

Spa-sagna, the Hollywood Starlet Lasagna Alternative