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 the goods

2-3 Granny smith apples
2-3 Slightly underripe nectarines
2 Limes
Fresh mint
Marash pepper flakes (or chili flakes)

serve with:

apple & nectarine 'slaw

Finely chop or julienne the apples and nectarines (I confess; I used a mandoline to get matchstick precision, but you could slice them with a knife for a considerably chunkier affair).

As you go, keep squeezing fresh lime juice over the fruit so that the apples don't turn brown.

Chop a fistful of fresh mint and add to the fruit.

Drizzle some really good olive oil over everything (I used a darn good lime infused Pasolivo Olive Oil).

Sprinkle some pepper flakes...just a pinch or two...over the fruit and toss everything.

You can make this ahead of time and keep it in the fridge. Serve chilled.