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 the goods

2 blood oranges

2 oranges

mache (lamb's lettuce)

1/2 cup creme fraiche

olive oil (preferably infused with blood orange)

maresh peppers (substitute with chili flakes)

time: total 15 minutes

blood orange salad

I cannot take credit for this gorgeous salad; I was served something very similar at Zuni one night and came home dreaming about it. so I made up my version of it

the creamy, spicy, citrusy combination is mouthwatering

peel: all oranges (use a paring knife to remove as much pith as possible, leaving the surface clean)

slice: oranges into rounds

arrange: on serving dish with sprigs of mache

dollop: creme fraiche around the orange slices

drizzle: liberally with the olive oil

sprinkle: with maresh peppers or chili flakes

*maresh peppers are turkish chilis and have the heat of chili with the smoky sweetness of paprika...worth the hunt

**macevoy olive oil co in san francisco do a great blood orange olive oil, if you can't find it, then try infusing plain olive oil with some orange rind...squeeze the rind a little to release the oils from the skin, then let the rinds and oil sit for a while