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 the goods

1 pork loin chop per person (try and get boneless chops, cut a good inch thick with a little fat still attached)


1 garlic clove per chop plus 2 for gnocchi sauce

olive oil

1 16oz / 450g package of gnocchi

1 16oz / 450g bunch of asparagus

80z / 225g frozen peas

1 anchovy fillet

2oz / 55g butter

2 tblspns dijon mustard

active time: 15 minutes

you will need:

  • large pot for pasta
  • skillet (with lid) for pork


grilled pork and gnocchi 'salad'

I made pork chops last week and served them with gnocchi, peas and asparagus. Mixed some mustard into the pork juice and served it all up as a 'pork and gnocchi salad'. I had a houseful of guests and had decided to make three big bowls; a salmon and pesto salad, a garlic prawn salad and this dish. So when someone asked me to describe it, I just blurted out 'oh, and this is my pork and gnocchi salad'

'Salad! Pork. Gnocchi. Salad?!'

Well, there was a bit of green lurking underneath; some fresh asparagus and peas. So yes; even though it was laden with meat and starch, I qualify this as a salad.

So there!

It was  declared it my 2nd favourite dish ever (the first is the grilled chicken salad, also on the site) by someone who has tasted virtually everything that I've cooked.

I bought the pork loin (boneless) chops a good inch thick, ground done some garlic and salt (1 clove and 1/2 tspn salt per chop) and rubbed them all over them let them sit for 2 days. It really brings out the flavour in the pork and keeps them tender.

The rest all comes together in about 15 mins.

Heat the water for the gnocchi.
Heat a splash of olive oil in the bottom of a skillet.
Sear the pork chops about 4 mins a side ( cook them in the hot skillet, covered) and then turn the pan off and leave them in the covered pot. This is essential for the chops to gather their wits and stay juicy.
Trim the asparagus and microwave the tips in a little water until just tender, shock with cold water.
Heat the peas in the microwave.
Grind down a clove of garlic with some salt, add an anchovy.
Cook and drain the gnocchi
Heat some oil and butter in the gnocchi pot, add the garlic / anchovy paste. Add the gnocchi, add the peas and asparagus on top.
Remove the pork chops and, if you like, slice them into 1/4 inch strips (or serve whole). Whisk a little dijon mustard into the pork juices and bring back to a simmer.
Serve the browned gnocchi and veggies with pork on top, drizzle the mustard sauce.

otherwise, there is the chicken salad

and, for a quick dessert:  the molten chocolate cake