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the goods

8 sheets filo pastry

8 slices mortadella sausage (around 5" in diameter) (get the chap at the deli to slice it super thin for you)

8 slices sharp provolone cheese (also around 5" in diameter and sliced super thin)

8 (plus more) bocconcini balls

2 tblspns tomato paste

2 tblspns pesto

4oz / 125g butter, melted

about 1/2 roasted / marinated red pepper / capsicum (sliced into strips)

2 tblspns grated parmesan cheese

cherry tomatoes

fresh basil

you will need:

  • baking sheet
  • pastry brush
  • 2 ramekins

time: 15 minutes plus 12-15 minutes baking





bacchus' booty

Taste all of the hedonism and excess of ol' Bacchus himself as you bite into crispy filo parcels layered to an exquisite O.T.T taste-gasm with mortadella sausage and provolone cheese before reaching a sensational bocconcini and red pepper stuffing. These little treasures feel whisper light and devilishly decadent in the same mouthful. offset the platter with a cheeky little D.I.Y caprese salad of sweet baby tomatoes, bocconcini and fresh basil.

So easy and fast you'll be revelling in a Bacchanalian frenzy before you know it:

Preheat the oven to 425f

Melt 4 oz / 125g / 1 stick butter and divide it into 2 ramekins

Layer a cookie  / baking sheet with foil and spray it with non-stick cooking spray (or butter)

Mix 2 tblspns of pesto into 1 of the ramekins of melted butter and stir to combine

Lay out about 8 sheets of thawed filo pastry. Move 1 sheet (carefully) so that it is next to the filo stack, brush it with the pesto-butter

Place a second sheet of filo on top of the first and brush it with pesto-butter.

Take 4 slices of mortadella sausage and place one slice on each corner of the brushed filo sheet, about 1 inch in from the edges.

Place a 3rd sheet of filo on top of the filo with the mortadella slices and brush it with pesto-butter.

Take 4 slices of provolone cheese and place these on  each corner of the filo, directly on top of where the mortadella is.

Place a 4th sheet of filo pastry over the mortadella / provolone stack (you guessed it: brush it with pesto butter).

Place a wee dollop of tomato paste (1/2 tspn) about where the centre of each slice of provolone would be.

Place a bocconcini ball on top of each dollop of tomato paste and then lay a 2 inch strip of marinated red pepper / capsicum over the bocconcini. (Neither the bocconcini nor the red pepper should be too wet; pat them with some paper towel first. This is so that they do not make the filo soggy)

Take a sharp knife and slice the filo stack down the centre and across the centre; this will give you 4 rectangles. Fold each rectangle in half over the bocconcini and press to seal lightly.

Place the parcels onto the lined baking sheet and brush with plenty of the plain butter in the other ramekin.

(you can keep the ramekin in a dish of hot water to keep the butter melted, or just zap it in the microwave if you need to)

Repeat this again and you will have 8 parcels ready to bake.

Bake for around 12-15 minutes; keep an eye on the pastry making sure that it doesn't burn. If you like, you can take them out 2-3 minutes before they are done and sprinkle them with grated parmesan cheese, pop them back in the oven to let the cheese brown a bit.

Serve with a tumble of sweet cherry tomatoes, tiny fresh basil leaves and extra bocconcini...maybe some olives and a drizzle of oil.