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 the goods

1 small clove garlic (or even a half)
1/4 tspn kosher salt
20 perfect grinds of black pepper (I counted)
3/4 cup Spanish olive oil
2-3 heaping tspns dried dill
1/4 cup orange muscat / champagne vinegar
glug of lemon juice (start with half a lemon then taste)
glug (1 tblspn) Worcestershire sauce
glug Asian sesame oil (start with 2 tspns then taste)
1 tspn mustard (dijon, powdered or even wasabi)


time: 5 mins

you will need:

  • a blender


Bea's Golden Goddess Dressing
What an honour to have this recipe on my site. I have tasted this dressing so many times over years that it feels like a hug.

The first thing Bea would tell you is to re-invent; try different vinegars (or a mix), try different mustards or herbs.

The first thing I'm telling you is to try this. Full Stop!

Make a double batch and keep it in a jar in the fridge; you'll be well dressed all week!

Bea's only word of advice; 'When I use non-citrus vinegars, I always put a big squeeze of just brightens it up'

crush and peel the garlic, toss everything into a blender and let it go for a fast and furious ride.

serve with Bea's Saturday Salad