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 the goods

1 part dark rum
1 part pale rum (or Malibu)
1 part pineapple juice
1 part orange juice
juice of 1 fresh lime
splash Amaretto
splash coconut milk
Maraschino cherries and appropriate garish garnish

the mighty Mannix Mai Tai

The Neo-Tiki Mai Tai; double rum, triple juice and a little coconut milk float. This will have you both howling that mating call of the luau goddess, Carmen Iwannalaya.

Double everything for 2 delicious cocktails, quadruple it all for a pitcher of delight.

Of course, the original Trader Vic Mai Tai had none of this fruity nonsense. It was good, aged rum (17 yrs), a dash of almond liqueur, a dash of orange liqueur, some simple syrup and lime juice.

Somewhere in time it collided with Carmen Miranda and the pineapple got added. Then aged rum got much harder to find and now it is the sticky delight that we know today.


Or, if you want to try the pure version, get some Zacapa rum (Guatemalan, aged 23yrs), add a dash of Amaretto, a dash of Grand Marnier, some simple syrup and lots of freshly squeezed lime.

But I figure the Zacapa is too pure to be meddled with and I'm rather fond of trashy nonsense.