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 the goods

1 lb / 500g fresh peas (in pods)

1 lb / 500g brussel sprouts

sea  salt



fresh oregano

1 meyer lemon

active time: 15 minutes

total time: 15 minutes

you will need:

  • medium saucepan
  • serving dish

serve with:

  • Rosy, the thrice blushing roast pork loin
  • goosey taters
  • spicy pumpkin profiteroles

buttery peas and sprouts

the perfect 'greens' to go with a rich roast.

trim: the bottoms off the sprouts and slice them in half. toss them into a saucepan and barely cover with water. bring to a boil. cook for 5 minutes

meanwhile: shell the peas (you can use frozen, but life offers so few pleasures and surely fresh peas are amongst them). douse the shelled peas with a little water and zap for a couple of minutes in the microwave (until tender). my mum always cooked a couple of the pods in with the peas...habits stick, so do I.

drain: the peas and toss them into a serving dish with the drained sprouts. add lashings of cold, unslated butter and, as it melts, grate the zest of a meyer lemon to top of everything. season with salt and pepper and add a few sprigs of oregano.