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the goods

pita bread


tomato paste

pomegranate molasses

roasted / marinated red peppers

sweet paprika

hot paprkia






olive oil

you will need:

  • food processor or blender

time: 10 minutes






I discovered Muhummara at a little restaurant called Carousel down on Sunset Boulevard. It's a funny place...looks more like a hair salon from the 80's which has never been tarted up; menthol green and pink decor, a few Nagel prints peeling from the wall. In fact, this dip is the brightest colour in the restaurant!

And that is what intrigued me. Some research revealed that the ingredients for this devilish fare consisted of walnuts, pomegranate molasses, red peppers, stale pita and some spices.

I tried it at tasted great, but the colour was so dull compared to Carousel's.

I added more Paprika, less pita bread, more molasses...still dull!

Then I remembered that they serve their pita bread spread with tomato paste, and it is bound to be these leftovers that they are using to make their dip!

Bingo; I added some tomato paste to my dip and it started blushing so furiously you'd think I'd been whispering rather sordid, lurid things to it!

This is fast and simple; a few laps around the food processor and you're done:

The goods: 1/2 cup chopped walnuts; 1 small pita bread / 1/2 lrg pita (stale); 4-5 cloves garlic; 4 tblspns pomegranate molasses; 2 tblspns tomato paste; 1 tblspn sweet paprika; 1 tblspn hot paprika; 1 tspn cayenne (optional); 1 tspn cumin powder; 4 roasted / marinated red peppers/capsicums; juice 1 lemon; 1 tspn kosher salt; 1/3 cup olive oil

Place torn pita and walnuts into food processor and pulse until both are coarse crumbs. Add the garlic cloves and pulse garlic into crumbs. Add all the other ingredients and pulse into a paste. You can add another clove of garlic if you are brave. You can roast and peel your own peppers / capsicums if you like, but life is much easier if you buy them already done, just drain them well and chop them roughly before adding them to the processor(2 jars is about equal to 4 capsicums). Use a good, grassy olive oil...the flavour really embellishes the dip.

You're good to go; pick up a felafel, tear into some fresh pita, daub your kebob...

Better yet; serve this with hot, grilled vegetables. Char-grilled zucchini sticks and a bowl of muhummara (and a bottle of Estola from Trader Joe's: $4.99 a bottle!)