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 the goods

1 cucumber

3 cups low fat plain yoghurt

fresh dill

fresh mint

2 cloves garlic

juice 1 lemon

olive oil


time: 15 minutes

you will need:

  • medium mixing bowl

view: the 'double dipping'  newsletter which featured this recipe



(are you ready to go skinny dipping?) 

peel: 1 cucumber, then remove the seeds and dice it finely

chop: a small handful of dill or mint (I use both!)

stir: herbs and cucumber through 3 cups of low fat yoghurt

add: 2 crushed cloves garlic; pinch of salt and pepper and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. stir to combine

serve: with the inevitible carrot and celery sticks and pita triangles. or be inventive, go crazy; see what you come up with

indulge: use full fat greek style yoghurt. trust me; it's worth it!

build a meal: grill some lamb cutlets or skewer some prawns and scallops, drizzle them in some olive oil and grill them up. kebabs are pefect to dunk in a bowl of tzatziki. serve with a greek salad

somebody pass the ouzo!