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 the goods

2 cups frozen strawberries

light / pale rum

rose's lime syrup



you will need:

  • electric blender
  • cocktail glasses



strawberry daiquiris

hint: using frozen strawberries means that you need to use less ice. the daiquiri will be chilled, sweet and full of fruity flavour. less ice, more room for rum. it's that simple!

blend: 2 cup frozen strawberries, 1 cup rum; 4 tablespoons rose's lime syrup; 2 tablespoon sugar  and 1/2 cup ice

serve: in a cocktail glass of tumbler. a cocktail parasol helps you keep a count of how many of these devils you've downed!

this recipe makes 2 good sized cocktails. you may as well double it and call it a pitcherful of mischief!

try bananas, mangoes, peaches...or everything at once

some bartenders add an egg white to make the daiquiris 'fluffy'...

*freeze your own strawberries. that way you know they're fresh...hull them and quarter them, then let them freeze for 30 minutes

Oh, and the kiddies version: skip the rum and lime juice, add 1 cup yoghurt or milk and 1/4 cup honey (if the kids are old enough to eat honey, otherwise use sugar)