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 the goods

1 baguette, sliced into rounds

1 cup black olive tapenade

1 cup grated asiago cheese


  • active: 15minutes

you will need:

  • cheese grater

serve with: 

  • chicken soup

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tapenade torpedos

these little devils are handy to pull out for dinner guests if you're running behind, greet them with a good glass of red, a hot plate of these and it will buy you time...they'll be so wrapped up in these salty wonders that they won't even notice that you're not there priming them with witty repartee

I also serve them as a side kick with soup. they are monstrously good dunkers

or I'll make a meal of them and one too many glasses of red wine...mmm, perhaps I'll make some tonight

grill: (or broil) the slices of baguette on both sides

spread: tapenade over the top of each slice

top: with grated asiago

grill: (or broil) until the cheese melts, bubbles, browns and just generally starts looking foxy