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 the goods

12 large scallops

12 coils (pepper crusted) pancetta

4 rosemary twigs, leaves removed

fresh parmesan

active time: 20 minutes


you will need:

  • skillet or grill

serve with:

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pancetta wrapped scallops
skewered on rosemary twigs

these are the perfect partner for the stuffed calamari as they cook as quickly and they both look so cosy on a platter together

here's the skinny:

try and get yourself some pepper crusted pancetta...just for the spice factor. no sweat if you can't; prosciutto or bacon will do

I buy frozen scallops (the biggest that I can find)

couple of reasons

first: I lay them out on a plate lined with paper towel (not touching) so that they thaw in nice round shapes. once they lose their shape, or split, they just don't look as good

second: they are easier to handle if they are still a little frozen

so: uncoil your pancetta, cut a strip about 10 inches / 25 cm...wrap it around a scallop (double over any excess pancetta) and then grab a twig of rosemary which has had the leaves stripped off it (or use a skewer if you've no imagination)...pierce the twig through the pancetta and semi-frozen scallop. repeat until you have 3-4 scallops on a twig

place the scallops kebabs on some paper towel and set them in the fridge to finish thawing until you are ready to grill them

douse them in a little olive oil, toss them on a hot grill. 2 minutes a side...a little more if you want the pancetta super crispy...and serve them with some paprika sprinkled over (thank you, bobi) or some maresh pepper flakes or (let's make it easy) more harissa!

and while you're at it, shave some parmesan on top...heck, put some on the salad as well!